Share your notes with @tags!

June 11th, 2012

Dead simple sharing

You’ve told us you want to share notes with each other and we’ve been hard at work making something that keeps the focus on simplicity.  We’ve tested sharing out in small teams and iterated over many different approaches. User feedback has prompted the model to be redesigned 4 times – our CTO chase was especially excited about all the rewriting he had to do.

Today Fetchnotes empowers you to write more productive notes! Start using @tags to share all those thoughts, todos, lists, and ideas with the people around you like your friends, family, and co-workers.


Upon login you will find a new box beneath your tags that looks like this.

Add new contacts on the web app and wait for their approval to share content.

The two sided approval process makes sure that you only share content with the right people!

Become more productive together

You’ve been able to organize as you type using #tags and sharing is built the same way!

Let’s say my friend @brandly wants to recommend some good music. He would type:

 check out #music by The Shins @alexh

The note is then shared between us and arrives on my phone like so:

check out #music by The Shins @alexh – via @brandly

@tags enable me to coordinate with multiple people more efficiently. Here is a brilliant startup idea I wanted to share with the team.


The note appears on their accounts – already organized under their #ideas tag (unfortunately, they’ve informed me that I need to continue brainstorming)

@tags have spiked productivity here at fetchlabs. It makes sharing simple and quick and we are all hooked. We hope you love it!

And this is only the beginning. Soon, we will add group functionality. Build useful groups like @family, @androidteam, @studygroup, @geekfriends to share content among many people more easily!


Alex Horak is the Lead Product Developer at Fetchnotes. He can be reached at horak(at) or you can follow him on Twitter @alexhorak.