Hashtag Haven: Import Your Catch Notes Into Fetchnotes

August 23rd, 2013

UPDATE: Catch is now officially shut down and is no longer allowing logins, also rendering this importer useless.

It’s been a tumultuous summer for the organized. First Astrid shut down, then Orchestra, and most recently Catch Notes, with reportedly over 3.5M users, announced its plans to self-destruct on August 30.

Fear not, weary note-takers! Just as we built an importer for Astrid in May, today Fetchnotes is releasing an importer for Catch Notes too. Catch users should feel right at home, as we also use hashtags to organize notes!


Just follow these easy steps to take back your peace of mind:

1) Head over to our import page and click “Get Started.”

2) Log in to your Fetchnotes account, or create a new one.

3) Upload the CSV file of your notes you received from Catch. If you haven’t gotten that yet, you can here.

4) Relax in the knowledge that your private thoughts have found a new home.


Fetchnotes is designed to be a simple, minimalist application, so you’ll notice we don’t have some of the same features like checklists or alarms. However, we’re actively developing new apps as well as improvements for iOS, Android and the web, so you’ll see a ton of new features coming soon. You can even text, call, email or use our Chrome extension to save your notes too!